Roof Repairs

All types of roof repairs from Ridge Safe Roofing

About our Roof Repair Services

Old and leaking roofs can seriously damage the inside of your home.

By contacting Ridge Safe Roofing as soon as the damage is detected, we can work swiftly and effectively to repair any damaged components to save your home roof from disaster.

Our service is clean and cost effective and our highly skilled team can quickly and effectively repair any roof style, whether it’s felt, slate, tile or flat roofs.

Do you have a damaged roof? Storm Damage? Leaking Roof?  We offer a regular call out service and an "out of hours" emergency call out service.

New Roof Services

General Repairs

Your Roof is, of course, essential for helping to protect the property from rain water accessing the roof space.

We can inspect, and check, that rain water drains off the roof, as it should.  We check your tiles, valley, gutters, downpipes and drains.

Chimney Repairs

If chimneys are left un-maintained they can deteriorate quite quickly.
This can lead to them collapsing, and not only damaging your roof but putting you, your family or passers by in danger.
Don’t leave things to chance, call us for advice. 

Also known as brick chimney repairs, fireplace chimney repairs, partial chimney rebuilds, roof line up chimney rebuilds, or total chimney rebuilds is one of the more comprehensive services provided by us.
We can inspect your chimney to check for signs of instability, and to see if it requires any maintenance.

If your chimney shows evidence of the mortar cracking, crumbling and missing in places then call us so that we can clean all the old mortar out of the brickwork and remove/replace any damaged bricks.

Tiles and Repairs

We replace damaged, missing or loose roof tiles.

Any missing, loose or damaged tiles not only enable the rain water to cause problems but if the tiles fall they can also block the gutters or fall onto the ground below which may cause damage to anything close to the building or hit anyone passing by.  

A minor repair undertaken earlier often avoids an expensive one if left.

Gutter Repairs

Ridge Safe Roofing can help with Replacing your homes Guttering and Down Pipes, 

this is normally done at the same time as upgrading fascias and soffits and is a great way to transform the way it looks from the outside, as well as making it more practical.

We offer a full Gutter Cleaning and Repair Service. 

We unblock gutters and check the water flow direction.

Re re-place and repair gutters and down pipes

We provide environmentally friendly and UV protected UPVC roofline and PVC rainwater products, high quality rainwater systems.

Flat Roof Repairs

Reparing or Installing a flat roof is quite simple as long as it is done by a professional roofer like Ridge Safe Roofing.

Installation of a flat roof varies depending on the type of flat roof.

We ensure that the flat roof you require is correctly installed and suitable for the type of roof you have.

The traditional options of Flat Roofing are: Felt, Rubber and Fibreglass.

We only use good quality products and materials from reliable companies.

Flat roofing has numerous benefits. Here are some example benefits:

Advantageous to the design of smaller structures like porches and garages.

More cost effective on average than a pitched roof

Wide variety of materials.