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Ridge Safe Roofing - Fascia and Soffit Repairs & Upgrades

About our Fascias and Soffits Services

uPVC fascias and soffits bring new meaning to the term ‘low maintenance’.

They are tough on impact, and will not rust, crack, warp or rot

We can fit and repair soffits and fascias of all kinds. Just ask us!

We also install Ventilated Soffits to help prevent condensation.

Call Ridge Safe Roofing if you need help with your Fascias and Soffits. 


Traditionally, fascias where installed with a softwood board and mounted to the exposed edges of your rafters. However, wood tends to rot and more maintenance is needed to keep the roofline dry. Building regulations have changed and the products/materials have improved greatly in recent years. All new builds now have the upvc products installed which have many advantages over the traditional fascias.

The purpose of fascias is to protect and seal the roof, and the interior of your property, from exposure to the elements as well as providing support for the roof tiles at the eaves level. Fascias also provide support for the guttering.

Fascias now come in a range of colours and designs so look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Soffits are the essential support to the roofline linking the fascias and bargeboards to the wall. Bargeboards are located at the gable end of a property and run diagonally.  Not all properties have soffits but if they do you can see them if you look up from ground level. They are attached to the fascia boards.

Soffits can be vented to allow airflow and ventilation in the loft space, which helps to prevent condensation.Like fascias, the soffits have also been modernised and are usually made of uPVC. The older traditional wooden soffits are prone to decay and rot, requiring regular maintenance. Many older properties still have the traditional fascias and soffits and we do carry out repairs. Upgrading to the new upvc fascias and soffits have many advantages over the traditional type.

There are choices on the type of soffit and a range of colours to choose from.


We carry our fascia and soffit repairs and upgrades

The new upvc fascias and soffits are:

More durable than the traditional wooden fascias and soffits

Weather proof and waterproof

Ventilated soffits to help prevent condensation

Doesn't decay and rot

No maintenance

Keeps the birds from nesting and gaining access to the roof space

Choice of colours and designs